The OfficeScope Spotlight

Paperless HR Department at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District

The Problem

Taken over by paper, John Roy, Business Manager of Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District saw major inefficiencies in their school offices. Not to mention the excessive costs associated with purchasing paper, printer toner, folders, cabinets, storing the paper in-house and all the headaches that go along with sifting through stacks just to find one document.
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Checklist: Ensure Your Document Management Solution is HIPAA Compliant

If you are in any industry dealing with healthcare records, in particular school districts, you are well acquainted with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA. In order to protect the privacy of individuals receiving healthcare, this act guides virtually every aspect of information handling.

Any office that handles healthcare records for individuals, such as paperwork for employee health insurance, must ensure that the documentation is handled in compliance with HIPAA. If not complied with, it may lead to fines and, in some case, criminal charges. Continue reading

The Paperless Central Office: Myth or Reality?

By: Jon Lincoln, Vice President, OfficeScope

The reality is schools are mired in paper records. With everything from faculty records to IEP’s to vendor invoices filed in hundreds of manila folders. When the process of filing paper started decades ago it might not have seemed like a problem. Although, as time has progressed the mountain of documents has only grown and for many districts has become unmanageable.

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Creating a Paperless School HR Department: Overcoming the Odds

The journey to creating a paperless HR department may be an arduous one for some, but with the right document management vendor it can be a breeze. Once you arrive at your destination the benefits are insurmountable. Let’s take a look at what you can avoid by using an electronic document management system in your school’s HR department and the benefits of each.

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OfficeScope Impresses with MASBO and IASBO Presentations: “The paperless presentation was worth the price of admission”

Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials

The paperless school district has merely been an idea for most schools for years, but now it has become a reality. OfficeScope, a cloud-based document management solution created by etfile, presented a series of case studies at the MASBO Annual Trade Show. This provided schools the opportunity to make their paperless dreams a reality.

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Iowa School District Revolutionizes Paper Process with ‘Cutting Edge’ Solutions


“We had been so reliant on paper, and when you start talking about a paperless solution people start to doubt you,” says Ed Chabal, Director of Business and Finance for the Mt. Pleasant Community School District. “But we persuaded them it would really help. They could see that Officescope really a different solution. I referred to it as ‘cutting edge’.”

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Global Document Management Set to Grow by 14.28%

What an exciting time for technology and the world of paperless offices! As a DMS provider we were thrilled to read concrete evidence of the growth trends we’ve witnessed. The new Technavio ‘Global Document Management Systems Market Research Report 2015-2019’ predicts paperless movement will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.28% between now and 2019. Continue reading