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Affordable Care? Let’s Start with Affordable Content

It’s in all the headlines and on every news channel.  Things are going wrong with the ACA Website – and the government has entered full damage control.  Changes in project scope and requirements have caused massive delays in roll-out, eclipsing what is considered a revolution for fast, easy access to healthcare data.  And at the center is Document Management.

While the focus is centered on affordable care for everyone, what’s really impressive is content-driven goals behind-the-scenes.  The fact is, a cloud-based paperless system for billions of health records is a daunting proposition.  It’s not just about easy storage and retrieval, but security and compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.  The fact is, none of it works unless the right cloud-based content management system is in place.

This technology failure merely highlights how important it is to choose the right cloud-based solution from the beginning.  The trick is an integrated lifecycle system for capturing, storing managing, retrieving data.  Strong systems leverage a secure, central repository – with the ability to access information anywhere with a Web browser.

Content retrieval is another piece of the puzzle.  Cloud-based systems should provide comprehensive, granular search – enabling documents to be found quickly and easily.  This goes beyond typical folder or key word search methods and directly links documents to customers, vendors, employees, and business-related contacts.  The ability to tag descriptions further accelerates rapid retrieval and sorting.

If the failed ACA Web site has proven anything, it’s that failures in security are costly – especially when it comes to medical records.  Underlying every strong platform is integrated security and compliance protocols to ensure electronic content is equally secure to paper-based storage.  Security techniques such as geo-replication, redundancy and user/departmental security permissions must play a large role.

There’s a lot to be learned from the ACA Web site.  Core among them — Document management is hard, and cloud-based content management even harder.  While your content project might not be on the nightly news, it doesn’t make it any less important.

A strong cloud-based document management system results in significant cost savings and generates new efficiencies and revenue for your organization.

Forget Affordable Care – It’s about Affordable Content.