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OfficeScope Gives back to the Community


Organizations make an impact in their community in various ways. Volunteering allows you to choose where and how to make a difference, unlike other aspects of life you may not be able to control as an organization. It’s also inspiring and rewarding to see a direct impact on a cause you truly care about.

At our organization, not only do our paperless solutions help the environment, we also strive to provide the best atmosphere for our employees and thus spread goodwill to the community. With this in mind, we now provide each employee two days a year to volunteer for any cause that inspires them.

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Top 3 Reasons Document Management Fails to Launch & How to Avoid Them

There are many reasons a solution may not launch successfully, but there are ways to nip them in the bud before they come to fruition. We’ve listed the top 3 reasons offices fail to launch document management from our two decades of experience.

You’ve purchased a document management solution but you’re concerned if it will fly with people in your office and how well it will function. In the office, some employees speak negatively about the new process because it’s going to change their daily routine, while others may not have the technical know-how to use it properly no matter how simple the solution is.

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Affordable Care? Let’s Start with Affordable Content

It’s in all the headlines and on every news channel.  Things are going wrong with the ACA Website – and the government has entered full damage control.  Changes in project scope and requirements have caused massive delays in roll-out, eclipsing what is considered a revolution for fast, easy access to healthcare data.  And at the center is Document Management.

While the focus is centered on affordable care for everyone, what’s really impressive is content-driven goals behind-the-scenes.  The fact is, a cloud-based paperless system for billions of health records is a daunting proposition.  It’s not just about easy storage and retrieval, but security and compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.  The fact is, none of it works unless the right cloud-based content management system is in place. Continue reading

To Automate or Not to Automate: THAT is the Question!

It’s the age-old question that’s plagued people for many years.  It’s probably one of the most critical decisions a business will ever make.  And while it may not hold as much gravitas as Shakespeare’s age-old quandary, the decision to streamline the business infrastructure CAN mean life or death for your company.  To automate or not to automate?  Maybe that’s the REAL question! Continue reading

Back to School : Back to Business

Anyone who’s seen the recent flood of television commercials (and how can you miss them?) knows it’s that time of year again – “Back to School”.  Teachers are busy preparing classrooms, curricula and resources to bring students the best education possible.  After all, that’s what parents expect – and schools must be prepared.

And while parents are mostly concerned with new AP classes, gymnasiums, and football fields — there’s one area often overlooked:  The Back Office.  At its core, the school district is a business and must operate at peak performance.  Because information drives the learning infrastructure, administrators must easily access these resources to perform most effectively. Continue reading

It Doesn’t Just Save Trees, Document Management Is all About Dollars

It goes without saying that a good document management system is critical to greener business operations.  After all, there’s less paper – meaning a smaller impact to the environment.  But dig a little deeper and it becomes apparent that the paperless office is more than just saving a few trees.  It’s about saving dollars.

But it does all start with paper costs.  The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.  Reports indicate the United States alone consumes 30 percent of the world’s paper – even though we house less than 5 percent of the globe’s population.  Translating it to carbon footprint, 40 reams of paper is akin to 1.5 acres of pine forest absorbing carbon for one year.  Getting the picture?  But there’s more to the story. Continue reading

Content Management: Making Every Swing Count

Anyone who’s met me knows I’m a huge fan of golf.  When not working, I take every opportunity to hit the links. Golfers understand that the game is very strategic:  Complete the course while using the fewest number of swings possible. That’s why every time you pick up a club it pays to think ahead, to plan your shot – getting as close to the hole as possible with each strategic hit.

The more I play, the more similarities I can draw between golf and my business. When you think about it, golf and content management really leverage the same strategy.  Golf focuses on reaching the 18th hole with minimal swings, while content management is geared towards finding, managing and leveraging critical information with the fewest steps possible.  And to be successful, it’s all about aligning with the right technology to act as a caddy that suggests the right shot. Continue reading

Content Management: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Anyone with children knows just how much they love puzzles.  Even for adults, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction derived from transforming a roomful of jumbled pieces into a complete, clear picture.  It’s a good way to fill a day if you have the time.  The trouble is, quite often, there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Sometimes it’s better to have the completed puzzle ready — right out of the box.

In today’s business environment, information is power.  Companies rely on access to fast, actionable intelligence to make decisions and gain competitive advantage.  Most cannot afford to waste countless hours searching every databases and system for necessary content – as delays greatly impact customer service and the bottom line.  When you think about it, Content management is all about a clear picture – much like a finished puzzle. Continue reading

Training: There is No Finish Line

We’ve all been there:  Sitting in a classroom for annual software training.  Mandated by management, the course is considered a job requirement.  For most,the goal is to take the training and get it over with.  But this mindset is the top reason most companies fail to maximize technology investments.  Because when it comes to training, there is no finish line. Continue reading