The OfficeScope Spotlight

Paperless HR Department at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District

The Problem

Taken over by paper, John Roy, Business Manager of Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District saw major inefficiencies in their school offices. Not to mention the excessive costs associated with purchasing paper, printer toner, folders, cabinets, storing the paper in-house and all the headaches that go along with sifting through stacks just to find one document.

The space to store these boxes of documents could be better used for other office uses, employees or, in some cases, a luxurious couch to brighten the spirits of hard working employees.

They identified that Human Resources was a place of need, considering the amount of documentation necessary to run the department and the amount of organization needed to be an efficient operation. They decided to begin implementing OfficeScope in Human Resources to warm employees up to the idea of changing from paper-full to a paperless procedures.

Additionally, they were able to file thousands of student transcripts which need to be kept for 60 years. This freed up a lot of space and provided a way to rid themselves of old cabinets and inefficiencies. Not to mention, the large amount of employee contracts that are now electronically filed within OfficeScope.

From there, Tri-County can prove the concept and processes to other departments.

The Solution

John Roy found OfficeScope as a solution to not only back-file and rid themselves of piles of old paper, but continue to run a paperless office day-forward.

Instead of the reams of paper, slow, arduous filing, and difficulty finding old documents, the HR team has a fast, efficient and cost effective document management solution. It’s easy to add up the amount saved. Instead of printing application packets, which can reach 50 pages, they are now filed electronically in OfficeScope within a few clicks. They are looking to expand to filing board meeting minutes very soon as well.

Now that so many filing cabinets and storage closets have been emptied, they look forward to expanding the use of OfficeScope throughout the whole Central Office and beyond.

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