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Creating a Paperless School HR Department: Overcoming the Odds

The journey to creating a paperless HR department may be an arduous one for some, but with the right document management vendor it can be a breeze. Once you arrive at your destination the benefits are insurmountable. Let’s take a look at what you can avoid by using an electronic document management system in your school’s HR department and the benefits of each.

You can avoid…



Piles of Paper

Help_Pile of PaperAvoid searching for old large files that are unorganized and take up too much space and can only be accessed from the room you are in.

With the right electronic document management system you can design a modern HR process with streamlined filing and searching of your documents. By filing documents in multiple ways, it allows you to find them multiple ways making the document extremely difficult to lose.



Clock in Trash_transparent

Wasted Time

Avoid spending hours searching for documents for employee retirement or retirement buy-backs.

Choosing a document management solution with expert training can help design an HR process to file documentation the way YOU need it. Consequently, this streamlines your searching capabilities cutting down on time spent in cramped, damp and dusty storage areas looking for documents.

Multiple Locations and Formats

photo 4.2Avoid having to search for documents that are separated in multiple locations – employee evaluations could be in AppliTrack or Talent Ed, medical documents could be paper, or emails in your Outlook.

Having one central repository for all your documents provides a complete employee record in one easily searchable location. This makes communicating about documents much easier and bringing documents to a meeting is never an issue! Simply login to the system and view the latest version in the only place it can be.

Printing Costs

Avoid printing loads of paper for the purpose of filing.

How many times have you printed a document out of Applitrack or School Spring simply just to file it away in a folder? Why not file it electronically as it was meant to be. With document management, file electronically when onboarding new employees including emails and other sensitive documentation.

Redacting with a Sharpie

Redacted Info Example SCreenShot 6.28.16Avoid redacting confidential information with a Sharpie – social security numbers, birth dates, legal issues, FOI information and more.

Due to legal issues and FOI requests, school districts often end up redacting information from records using black markers and multiple copies. This not only is extremely inefficient, but ineffective. There’s an easier way to prevent confidential information from getting seen with an electronic annotator. Redact and edit information electronically to make sharing with others easy and much more secure.

Preparing for a paperless HR department is difficult to do alone, but with the help of experts from the education and document management field they can help create a process unique to your needs.


By John Barbato
Education Specialist, OfficeScope

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