The OfficeScope Spotlight

SEEM Collaborative Boosts Efficiency by Creating Space and Easy Access to Documents with OfficeScope

 “Searching for documents the old way I had to walk down the hall, get the key, walk to the file room and then find it in a cabinet. OfficeScope easily saves me half an hour in searching for most documents.”

~ Greg Zammuto, Director of Finance & Operations


SEEM Collaborative was founded on the premise that local school districts can accomplish more by working together and conducting educational programs and services to supplement and strengthen existing school programs and services that otherwise would be neither affordable nor accessible. Greg Zammuto (Dir. of Finance and Operations) and Linda DiCecca (Human Resources Manager) are responsible for all financial and personnel document management for the Collaborative.


Greg and Linda had two main problems with their existing document filing and retrieval system. First was space. “Paying for space was an issue,” says Greg, “in terms of how many file cabinets we had and how much space they took up, and we were trying to convert that storage space into office space.”

The other issue was ease of access to documents. Many files were archived in other schools, and Linda remembers having to go down in the basements: “You had to go down in the bowels of the school – it’s dirty and disgusting. You had to move all the boxes and things.”

“We have people who retire,” she says, “and we have to find all their records back to the 1970’s and 80’s. So, one of the things we wanted to do is get all that stuff archived, and be able to find things easily, to get those files in a moment’s notice.”


Once they decided to go paperless, Linda and Greg looked at a few systems including OfficeScope. According to Linda, “The other systems were complicated and very expensive.” “It came down to affordability, ease of use and support,” says Greg.

When Linda first saw OfficeScope, she says “I liked the way it was laid out. I thought, ‘That’s the way I function.’ It was so user friendly.” Greg agrees that, “One of the things I was looking for was a system where it could be setup without me doing much heavy lifting because we’re busy as it is.”

So they partnered with Key Discovery to scan existing documents – all 80,000 of them – into OfficeScope, saving a huge amount of time and about a half dozen file cabinets. “It was so easy,” remembers Greg. “All I had to do was introduce Key Discovery and OfficeScope, show them what files needed to be scanned, and when they turned it over to me it was instant access.”

According to Greg, OfficeScope stayed true to their word, noting that, “They said they’d hold our hand through the process and they did. The training was simple and easy to understand.” Linda was equally delighted with the quality of service: “Their training is excellent. They broke it up into small pieces so I wasn’t overwhelmed.”

She was just as pleased with the setup. “They asked what I wanted and I said, ‘This is my file. This is what I want. I want it to look like my file,’ and they did it. I was able to move over to that system and be very comfortable with it.”


Linda and Greg really love their new system. Besides allowing them to create a space for staff that didn’t have an office, the speed with which they can access files has transformed their daily workflow.

“We’ve become more efficient,” says Greg. “There was a former employee who called and I was able to access his file in 30 seconds, and the only reason it took that long is because I wasn’t logged into OfficeScope. Once I typed in his name everything came up. The old route, I’d have had to walk down the hall, get the key, walk to the file room, and find it in a cabinet. So I easily saved myself a half hour on just that one project.”

“It saves my back,” says Linda, “I don’t have to move boxes around. And most importantly, everything’s at my fingertips. It’s all right there. If someone calls, we can find them on the system, and I can answer their question right away. Boom, it’s done.”

“This time of year, the start of the school year, I’d usually have these big bins full of files,” she says. “This year we didn’t have them. The amount of paper that we’ve eliminated from the system, the amount of trees we’re saving! It makes me feel good!”


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